Summer At – June 21

DHD and the Coyotes with FREE Ball Hockey Clinics at Arena - Summer, 2014

Coyotes-Hockey-DevelopmentOur first summer event at Arena in partnership with the Phoenix Coyotes Hockey Development Team was a complete success. We even spotted an NHL general manager checking out the action on the rink from an upper level perch.

We’re not sure if he spotted any budding hockey talent with his excellent scouting radar that he might consider for the Coyotes.

The Coyotes (who will be the ARIZONA Coyotes at our next clinic on June 28) were generous to loan us the use of their world class arena to play some ball (or street if you prefer) hockey with a bunch of kids. Matt Shott and his crew ran the show perfectly as usual.

Hockey Fun For All

We split the rink into two halves so the kids could play “cross court” on the NHL size rink, it was perfect.

While not all of the 107 kids that were registered showed up, we had plenty of people new to hockey on the rink. Those kids all had a blast learning the basics of hockey, all without having to wear skates or even warm clothes.

Many of them will be returning for future clinics.

After the kids learned the basics, they had the chance to play a real street hockey scrimmage on a real NHL rink beneath a real NHL scoreboard.

If you have kids that want to try hockey, these FREE clinics are a painless way for them to have some fun and pick up the basics of the game. We will be around for them as long as they have interest in any level of hockey, we’ll do our best to support them in any way we can help.

That’s what we do.

Future Summer Clinics

We have five more events scheduled with the Coyotes this summer in Arena. This is a very special opportunity for kids to have some indoor fun in a world class arena.

Every event is FREE and is for kids from four to fourteen. Click here for the remaining schedule, if you’re interested there are registration forms at the bottom of every event page.

Check out the pictures below, then come join us this summer.