Coyotes Street Hockey Summer League

Summer Ball Hockey Shootout at Gila River Arena - Arizona Coyotes and DHD

We’re adding a new element to this summer’s events in Gila River Arena. We have partnered with the Arizona Coyotes to offer some real competition for kids of all skill levels to have some fun playing against other teams.

We have five dates scheduled at Gila River arena (click here for calendar). Last summer, we had kids returning for every clinic we ran. This summer, we’re hoping to have a similar experience.

We know returning kids don’t necessarily want to run through the same or similar drills and instructions once they have the basics down. What do they want to do?


So, this summer they will be able to do exactly that. It’s all about keeping the FUN level up for the kids.

Coyotes Hockey DevelopmentThe Coyotes and DHD hope to host at least six teams of kids with a minimum of eight kids per team. If there’s more children that want to play, we will accommodate as many as we can fit.

These teams will attend ALL FIVE of the scheduled events and play a full championship series with the finals to be held at the final event on August 8.

Every child that participates in the entire series on a team will go home with a street hockey stick after the championship games are finished on August 8.

Everybody that participates will go home with a ball hockey stick, a hockey player card, AND some other cool hockey goodies throughout the summer.

There might even be some special guest coaches.

We understand it’s a commitment for families to schedule five events in a busy summer with vacations and other things that compete for hockey time. We hope that we’ve come up with a schedule that works well for most people.

Right now, the dates are (all Saturdays):
June 6 and 20, July 11 and 25, August 8.

We’ll have more information as we get it all put together.

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