NHL Centennial Fan Arena Street Hockey

The Coyotes staged a street hockey Jamboree this past Saturday (January 7) during the “Centennial Fan Arena” event at Tempe Marketplace this Saturday. The event attracted five teams of kids 10 and under. Other than the DHD team, most of the the tams were organized ice hockey teams, used to playing together.

Everybody had a blast! Somebody may have been keeping score, but we aren’t sure who. We don’t know who scored the most goals, but we saw a bunch of kids running around playing hockey and having a great time.

We also saw ZERO examples of poor sportsmanship, whining, or complaining. Everybody that participated really got into the spirit of the casual event and made it a big success.

Plus, every team had their picture taken with the Stanley Cup! How cool is THAT!!!

Answer: REALLY cool!

There was plenty of other action at the Fan Arena including a really nifty set of NHL memorabilia in a mini museum with all sorts of touch screens and multimedia presentations. There were two virtual reality Zombonis to race, Howler and the Paw Patrol ladies were there, too.

If this event comes around again some time, you should try to get out and see what it’s all about, it’s worthwhile.

  • Hudson makes a save
    Hudson makes a save
    Hudson was our tournament MVP, here he is making yet another great save!
  • Brandon Game Face
    Brandon Game Face
    Brandon (purple jersey) has his game face on ready to crash the net and score.
  • Hayden Two Socks
    Hayden Two Socks
    Hayden likes wearing camo and two different color socks, it helps his concentration.
  • Lily and Masen
    Lily and Masen
    Lily and Masen dig it out of the corner to keep the play alive!
  • DHD Team with the Stanley Cup
    DHD Team with the Stanley Cup
    DHD team got to hang out with the Stanley Cup!