Glendale Inline Rink Painting Complete

Jen Lacey - DHD Board Member

Jen Lacey – DHD Board Member

On Sunday, December 15, Desert Hockey Development (DHD) volunteers completed the repainting project for the city owned inline hockey rink in Glendale’s Bonsall Park. DHD volunteers began the project the week before on December 7 but were unable to complete the work before darkness fell.

DHD donated all materials, supplies and labor to complete the rehabilitation project. The City of Glendale didn’t have to spend a cent for the improvement of their asset.

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The inline hockey “court” needed some TLC in preparation for an upcoming series of FREE youth hockey clinics DHD will be providing at Bonsall Park.

Starting in early 2014, Desert Hockey Development will be offering introductory, intermediate and advanced street (ball) hockey and inline hockey clinics. The goal of these clinics is primarily for kids to have a lot of fun, get some exercise, learn the sport and find out if they like hockey enough to continue.

It should always be possible for somebody who happens to be between 7 and 15 years of age (yes, we’ll happily bend those rules) to show up without any equipment or money and leave with a smile and an idea how the game of hockey is played.

grow_the_game_webDHD understands hockey is not an inexpensive sport and that the economic circumstances of local families might not allow them to participate unless the event is free. We will provide all the equipment necessary to safely play hockey and pledge to provide a safe and stress free environment for kids to learn the game.

We hope to grow the game of hockey in Arizona and believe that providing an energy outlet in this fashion for our kids will benefit the community.

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