DHD Forms

Forms are life!

Actually, we understand everybody hates completing forms, but they’re a necessary fact of life for doing business and running events. So, below are the forms we use.

  • Donation forms
    • In-kind (equipment, etc.) donation form
      This form should be used to designate the value of items and services donated to DHD. We don’t specify the amount, you do, and we keep the other half of the form for our records.
    • Money donation form
      Use this form to document cash donations to DHD.
  • Event related forms
    • Waiver/Release
      This form should be signed by parents/guardians for each child attending any DHD event.
  • Volunteer forms
    • Volunteer Application
      This form should be completed by all volunteers for all DHD events. It’s a one-time only application, so you won’t have to fill it out every time.