Chalk Art Festival at Westgate

Kids playing ball hockey at a temporary rink at Westgate in Glendale

Kids playing ball hockey at Westgate

DHD was lucky to be involved with the Chalk Art Festival at Westgate on April 18.

The Arizona Coyotes generously loaned us their ball hockey gear to allow us to host a bunch of kids playing ball hockey while also participating in the Chalk Art Festival or simply visiting Westgate.

Chalk Art Hockey

At least 100 kids played hockey throughout the day without a break, the rink wasn’t empty once during the day. We ran out of permission slips by 4:30 pm and had to pack it in.

Most of those kids picked up a hockey stick for the first time and got the feel for playing the game.

Some of the children have since signed up with Desert Hockey Development for more FREE hockey fun at our events.

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Desert Hockey Development is actively seeking opportunities to present events like this in the Phoenix metropolitan area. If you have a group event coming up and there will be plenty of children in the 4-14 age range, we’d be happy to speak with you to see if we can work together.

Typically, DHD looks to participate in free events so we can further our “Always Free, Always Fun” philosophy of presenting the sport of hockey, leadership, and sportsmanship to as many people as possible regardless of their economic or social condition.